Freelancer Bill of Rights

  1. Fair and Equal: You have the right to have your work judged by how awesome it is, and not by irrelevant factors like your political views, race, or your attractiveness. Prejudice needs to be left at the door.
  2. Show Me the Money: Trylancers work hard, and you deserve exactly what you’re owed in a reasonable amount of time.
  3. The World Is Your Oyster: Trylancers are allowed to have other businesses and sources of income. We know you’re ambitious; it’s one of your best qualities! Having other clients is great, just be sure to keep them separate. Trylancer clients must pay you through Trylancer.
  4. Bite Off What You Can Chew: You’re busy, I’m busy—we’re all busy. Trylancers have the right to select the projects that they can do well and complete by the deadline.
  5. Resume I Help You? Trylancers come from every kind of professional background and have worked in some pretty great places. The good news is, that doesn’t matter here. Whether you’ve got a high-powered position at a Fortune 500 company or a few part-time jobs, the only thing that matters is your talent. Show clients what you’ve got!
  6. Always Here For You: Not sure how the whole process works? Need guidance on a project? You have the right to email the owner of Trylancer, [email protected] and receive a reply within a week, usually sooner. Don’t be shy—ask away.
  7. If At First You Don’t Succeed: Not every client is going to love your work. As a freelancer, that can be pretty hard to hear. But here’s the thing: The next project is always around the corner. Keep improving your skills, don’t give up, and someone is bound to see your greatness.
  8. Respect: You have the right to work with others in a positive, respectful, and constructive setting. Period.